Scandinavian fishermen SS/19

Lilday - Inspiration - SS19

The collection You & Me has two models of sandal for women and a model for girl, models available in different colors for both adults and girls. The desire of the brand is that both can share style.

The collection takes inspiration from the houses of the fishermen of the Scandinavian fjords where pine wood is used for the walls of the houses. Therefore, the large presence of pine wood (untreated) on the soles of the models of this collection. It is a material widely used in the Nordic countries to combat soil moisture.

The wood is a noble material, natural and comfortable and this has become the base of the collection, betting on an ecological and natural material. The braiding in the skin also transports us to the philosophy of life of the fishermen who use clothes of design very clean, discreet and monocolor as well as the colors used, the same with which the fishermen painted their houses to give a little color in the days Winter Greys.

“I always had my head to make some wooden shoes for the summer”, Marta, summer 2019.

Lilday - Inspiration - SS19

All the materials used are of first quality, not only the wood, also the bovine skin free of chromium and toxic that gives maximum flexibility to the shoe and makes it a comfortable accessory, versatile and elegant, perfect to be that basic in all Female wardrobe. Simple sandals, without seams or ornamentation except for braiding on the skin. Models to feel good, free, special and spontaneous. Models to be able to be the same. Simple and minimalist models.