Somerset FW/19

The colors and the models of the collection FW19 are inspired in the life and Somerset’s scenery. From small hills that rush of form abrupt to a blue sea in the night intensely, rough and character plenary meeting, to villages where the life goes to a slow and relaxed rhythm. Even it is possible to recover that so agreeable sensation of being put inside the bed one winter day, of looking for the window and of contemplating a fog sea on the outside.

Out, the winter light and the drops of the rain do that the streets with paving stones are big velvet carpets. And inside the heat of the hearths, the embroideries and textiles with character there are the extract of a beauty atemporal. England has this, peoples where it seems that the time has stopped for the simplicity that is breathed, but where you can perceive that so sophisticated and elegant English style that characterizes them.