Half-round cowboy.
Style boot made of black cowhide leather.
Designed and manufactured in Barcelona by hand.

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Anna Rovira X LildayAnna Rovira X Lilday

Albas Boots Anna Rovira X Lilday


“I want to see the stars”

Albas Boots are an ode to creative freedom, to spontaneity and why not? A tribute to the thousand women, an invitation to step up strong, very strong, outside our comfort zone, but, above all, to leave a mark: “I was here, I lived, I loved. I did, and I have done, everything I wanted. And it was more than I thought it would be.

These boots leave a trace, go that yes: after them, a wake of powerful magenta color in the form of stars drawn and cut by hand. Serial boots numbered, created entirely by hand and under custom, customizable with the name of the woman who will shocked them.