We design and handcraft small productions of shoes in local workshops from our country, cutting carefully the leather and assembling each model by hand. We believe in craftsmanship, and in the huge value added by handcrafted work, which is done slowly, thoughtfully and with care, paying attention to all the details and making every piece different, unique and perfect.


Conscious Production

The leather we use is 100% free from chromium and toxins (also known as eco-leather for its ecologic treatment), minimizing the use of toxic products that damage the environment and reducing the CO₂ emissions.

They are softer leathers that adapt better to every type of skin and prevent rubbing and discomfort. With them, the feet also transpire better.


Our collections are designed to be part of your daily life and become an essential basic in your wardrobe that make you feel great, and bring you comfort and good feelings. Feet, footwear, are the base of aesthetic. All our body rests on them and that’s why it is very important to create pieces that support you. All our designs have been created using quality materials that make it possible to conceive cosy models where comfort and well-being are the most important things. Brilliant pieces that allow you to express who you are and accompany you during all your important steps.



In Lilday, we are committed to a simple style that makes our pieces become a basic – classic that you wish to have in your life. Models with character that remain over time. Using few ornaments, we prioritise straight and soft lines creating beautiful pieces from the love and passion for our job.