Lilday are more than shoes. They are dreams, and they will help you walk so that you achieve your goals.


Creations of modern inspiration which are committed to simplicity.

Our design is versatile, handmade and Made in Spain. Authentic, timeless, beautiful and transparent, manufactured whit materals of the highest quality.

We put our trust in doing things carefully and well, we can’t conceive it any other way.

We work from the heart, with passion, enthusiasm, love and with a clear intention: creating basics in a style that women and girls can share, adapting the models to both of them but always keeping the same essence.

We want to walk with women with a personal style, clearly defined. Strong and sensitive women who, like us, enjoy life and all the small things that it brings to us every day.

We hop that those who choose us feel good, confotable, free, spontaneous, pretty, special and, of course, they can be themselves.

We want to be part of that basic wardrobe that is always there no matter how many years pass. We want to be on their feet, on their skin. We look at the world with wide-open eyes, with eagerness, enthusiadm, strength, brightness and light, as when we were little girls and we wore that shoes of our mothers, aunts or grandmothers.

Who has not played as a child with her mum’s shoes? Or maybe granny’s shoes or the ones of that close aunty that we all adored? Every girl has played with the shoes of that great women from her childhood that she admired so much. We all have danced, dreamed, expressed ourselves, grown up and been adults for a few instants.

What girl has not played with her mum’s shoes at some time?

Shoes were part of my childhood. I would borrow my aunt Mode’s shoes during the weekends we spent at our grandparents’ house. I would run and dance with her high-heeled shoes. I liked the noise I made when I walked, the elegance they transmitted, how grown-up they made me feel. It was magic… A magic that today is part of Lilday. A concept that is born from the look of that little girl who is eager to rekindle those sweet moments full of excitement, but also from a clear declaration of intent. Lilday believes in a way of life in which we take delight from each and every one of the small things that life offers us. We are surrounded by truly beautiful things, however small, and our day can always be certainly immense

The world is full of possibilities, expression, freedom, authenticity and beauty.

As girls, we would enjoy any moment and instant always happily and in a carefree way, but to continue enjoying life is an ability that we all have, although we sometimes forget it.

In Lilday, we want these magical moments to continue here today. We want to rekindle those instants filled with joy and excitement where everything revolved around a pair of beautiful shoes.

Marta Grau

Lilday - Marta Grau